Attach Plus 3.0 Upgrade Information

What's going on here?

With the release of Attach Plus 3 (at the end of 2014), Attach Plus is moving to a yearly subscription model, with an annual fee of $34.99 per workstation per year.

What if I'm happy with my current version?

Licenses purchased for versions 2.x and earlier will continue to work with the old installations. Nothing is going to stop working. But all future software updates (including support for Windows 8) will require moving to the annual subscription.

Why are we changing to a recurring model?

Unfortunately, it wasn't feasible for us to continue to sell a lifetime of maintenance, upgrades, and support for a one-time fee of $49.99 AND invest the time, effort, and development on a newer version that supports Windows 8. Which left us with 2 options - Basically close up the Attach Plus shop, or make the investment knowing that we would have to move to a yearly subscription model. This resulted in a great deal of debate (and more than a few squirt gun fights) in our weekly staff meetings. And the bottom line is, thanks to the input of some very loyal (and vociferous) users, we have decided to do the work.

How will it work moving forward?

All licenses for Attach Plus 3 and beyond will be good for one year. It only takes a couple of minutes at to pay your renewal, then we send you a new license good for another year.

Sounds great, what do I do now?

If you haven't downloaded the update installer yet, click below to start the download. After installation, you will be guided through the process of purchasing/obtaining your upgrade license.

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